The Limits of Technology

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015

It’s a good thing that I didn’t bet anything
the day after my 10th birthday
when I raced a bossy 8th grader, Dale
in the gym in my new Keds shoes.

I couldn’t run any faster
or jump any higher than when I was nine
and had none of the super powers
Keds Shoes people showed on TV.

Today’s trekking gear however performs
pretty much as advertised –
ultra thin sock liners, 5x wool socks,
hiking boots all designed to wick

away the sweat of the hike
and spirit away chaffing and blisters.
The gear works but my baby soft
60 year old wrinkled feet

have discovered the limits of today’s
technology. It took hours, miles, weeks,
and weight for the discovery,
but now, I get to try out tuff skin.


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