Lost in a Lost World

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

slow steps uphill
slow steps downhill
slow and steady steps
on the flat paths

hiking across the day
from sunrise toward sunset
I’m no longer bored with myself

I just ignore me
and the repetitive
mental chatter hushes
and falls into silence.

I’m a creature
of the green space
making its way like a mud hen
back and forth along the river.

To hike across the day I must leave
at the door my Type-A objectives and goals
and strap on 4 liters of water, lunch,
a change of clothes, something for cold mornings

something for warm afternoons.
A nap in long grass on the edges of a glade
with only the sun keeping an eye on me
trains the mind.

There’s no going anywhere fast
Don’t fight it.
It’s a day in a life – don’t rush it.


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