Friday, March 27th, 2015

I’ll never top that trip – the trip of a lifetime is over – with more of a lifetime to live.

A dozen days on horseback across the steppes of Mongolia last summer

an exotic culture
majestic landscapes
a tireless horse
a disappearing lifestyle
great camaraderie

all garnished with the endorphins harvested at the edges of one’s physical limitations.

How can I top that trip?

At sixty years old, I didn’t expect a satisfying answer.

Take a look at this

a friend said, handing me a picture of a mountain in Africa.
I remember being polite –
I don’t do much hiking and vertigo is a real problem.

I must be addicted to something.


2 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Not a drug or anything but I think it might be something akin to what extreme sports enthusiasts feel or reporters in a war zone who keep going – not as bad as that but I suppose it could get worse.

    I had to rush the ending of that piece because it was late – I’m going to do more with it at some point.

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