My Greater Jihad

Monday, January 19th, 2015

I fight in the struggle against myself across
a number of battle lines

* At work
* With the cat
* In the house and yard
* With my health

On a good day I’ll work eight productive hours,
take care of the cat, do some work on the house
or yard, and get some exercise.

Often the battle on the exercise front goes
poorly – other times it’s the defense of the
house or yard  that loses ground. Sometimes,
even the cat  must make do with short rations
when all I can do is to get through work.

I fight from the trenches of depression –
running back and forth along the same mental
rut from one end of a trench line to the other –
my brain suffers from repetitive motion

So today I ordered a Fitbit. Through the
marvel of cellular and internet technologies I
can use the gadget to connect with friends –
allies who will hold me accountable in the
struggle against myself and inspire me to
great feats of daily exercise.


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