A Question of Balance

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

Something is missing in your life.

That’s the assessment
that’s usually paired with
a diagnosis of depression.

As hard as Pharma has tried,
it’s been unable to brew a tincture
that can fill a soul with whatever’s missing.
It can only concoct brews to dull despair
and turn aside unhealthy thoughts.

Building a home from scratch
Raising horses
Hunting with a falcon

I”m brainstorming on what might spark
passion in a soul where passion once flared
spontaneously – burning brightly enough to
turn heads.

Find something to fill your tank
and you’ll have more than enough razzmatazz
to work, take care of the cat,
tend to the house and garden,
and minister to your well being.

That’s the theory.


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